Norway Gambling Laws

Gambling activities in Norway are almost considered illegal. Only two companies in Norway have been given permission to provide gambling activities to the citizens of Norway, they are Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. In addition, coming to games and lotteries in Norway, they are always controlled strictly by the government of Norway. According to section 298 and section 299 of Norwegian Penal Code, 1902, the games related to chances were considered legal only if they are provided by holders having a special license. Hence, other games in which chance was the priority was prohibited. In addition, the operators running any unauthorized gaming centers were severely punished.

Gambling Games In Norway

Norway citizens can have fun with a combination of traditional casinos, internet gambling, lottery games, sports games and pari mutual betting’s. The lotteries of Norsk Tripping include keno games, joker games, double jackpot, 20 million dollar lottery as well as Viking lotto. The players here can also bet on sports betting games such as Premier League football. In addition the other games popular in Norway are Extra, bingo, flax, odds betting’s games and oddsen as well. On the other hand, Norsk Rikstoto has taken on the sports bets. Further, you can also check out horse racing games along with odds games.

Penalties For Gambling

As it is already state that gambling is illegal in Norway, which is a strict decision. Even after this, if any person is caught by the government of Norway for running any gambling center or for involving in any kind of gambling activities, there will be a strict decision taken against him or her. Moreover, it might also be happened that he or she will be given a jail sentence or will have to bear a fine.

Gambling Laws Related To Tax

The laws related to gambling in Norway are seriously strict, further one can say that gambling is almost illegal in Norway. When there is any kind of discussion about taxes on the gambling winnings, an exception country is Norway, regardless of the location of the gambling website. Further, according to some sources, there will be a department soon that would be handling anything related with gambling in Norway.

Gambling Websites

You shall find around 233 websites of Norway offering popular games. There are about 141 online casinos, 16 online sportsbook, 32 online poker, 33 online bingo and 11 mobile online casinos. Let us now check out which reputed sites permit the players from Norway to enjoy the casino games online. Some are mentioned as follows, have a look at them.Golden Riviera casinoAll slots casinoBetway casinoSpin palace casinoEU casinoVillento casinoCasino la vidaSmart live casinoInter casino

If you are a player from Norway, but are unable to get into any Norwegian casino due to any circumstances, you are free to try your hand and enjoy yourselves thoroughly in the above mentioned casinos.